DESIGN: the design of our cabins are made by expert people that have worked in our firm for many years and knew the product and the needs of tractor’s owners.

MAIN FEATURES: wide access to driver’s seat and large front and sides windows make the OMGA cabins practical and comfortable and provide maximum visibility on the road and at work. An excellent view of the front wheels through large windows gives full control of the vehicle.

NOISELESS: our cabins are made of full iron, which eliminates all the vibrations and resonances that are created by the tubular sections in the conventional cabins on the MARKET.

LONG-LIFE: all the welted and threaded parts are fully able to withstand the stress to which the tractor is subjected. The paint which is used is certified ISO 9002 and hinders the rust from forming. Ribbed sheet steel roof with soundproofing panel complete with patented fittings. Laminated steel front section with tempered glass windows that can be fixed or opening through hydraulic elevators. Laminated steel sides with fixed, sliding or opening tempered glass windows. Laminated steel doors with tempered glass windows complete with lock and with posts for easy assembly and footboard if required. Rear upper window that opens by means of hydraulic elevators, made of laminated steel with tempered glass. Rear lower window with steel frame and tempered glass.

ON REQUEST: Electric wiper, Rear-view mirrors, Working lights

Our cabins follows CEE RULES thanks to the fact that they must be installed to the original security frame (roll-bar) of the tractor. Our cabins are in panels/components in order to give the possibility to buy the complete cabin or only the roof + windscreen (front section) and afterwards to complete the cabin with the rest of the components. This feature allows also to save money about the cost of the transport because the cabin in panels/components has got a little volume.
Together with the cabin, we give to our customers easy assembly instructions and all the screws, nuts they need. Moreover, our technicians give precious suggestions and explanations by e-mail.

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